MegiddoMegiddo is the preeminent archaeological site in Israel by virtue of the sheer quantity of civilizations unearthed bere by excavators. Although the site was last inhabited during the period of Alexander the Great in the 4th century before the commone era it still bears witness to pivotal battles in ancient history due to its strategic location along the Via Maris, the ancient highway connecting Egypt and Mesopotamia, and running through the Land of Israel.

Megiddo is the original name, in Hebrew, for the Greek Armageddon, the place, according to Revelations 16;16 where the final battle between g0od and evil will occur, ushering in a thousand years of peace and the Messhiah. Highlights here include the Israelite gate, a cultic site used for thousands of years by successive civilizations and the outstanding water tunnel, a source of life for the town’s inhabitants during times of enemy siege.